The Best of Two Worlds... This is what St. Martin has to offer.

Two European countries on one beautiful Caribbean island measuring only 37 square miles.

The smaller Dutch Side which measures 16 square miles is called Sint Maarten and is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Southern part of the Caribbean island which is shared with Saint Martin a French oversees collectivity measuring 21 square miles.

Folklore has it that a Dutch man and a French man were put to stand back to back at the border and then walk around the island to capture for his country as much as St. Martin as they could. According to the story the Dutch man took a leisurely walk and stopped along the way to rest, while the French man walked at a steady pace thereby capturing for France the bigger portion of the island.

The official language on the Dutch Side is Dutch, but English is widely spoken. You will also hear Spanish, Italian, Papiamentu, Hindi & Chinese among others.

The official language on the French Side is French but you will also hear Creole Patois.

St. Martin is connected to the rest of the world through its International Airport 'Princess Juliana' which offers daily flights to and from the island making the island the perfect location to live or invest.

St. Martin welcomes people from all around the world and is considered the melting pot of the Caribbean with over 100 different nationalities living in harmony on this small but wonderful island.

St. Martin has everything you want.....from award winning gastronomy, to all types of entertainment and not forgetting our wonderful white sand beaches.

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Sherrylle DeHaarte